Broker's Division

Are you an agent representing the carrier? 

Are you a broker representing & advocating your insured? 

Either way, our services are for you; an agent committed to the carrier's best interest or the broker who is committed to their client's bottom line. 

With National Risk Services Inc. as your consulting division, we can offer your clients a chance for lower experience ratings, lower loss ratios and a thorough review of their past casualty policies. This review will provide return premiums to your client, improve their loss ratio as well as provide the opportunity to secure a competitive renewal or prospect proposal. 

With National Risk Services Inc. is dedicated to providing brokers nationwide with underwriting services that will allow them to increase their book of business as well as providing an additional revenue stream. 

With National Risk Services Inc. provides an avenue for agencies to offer various casualty underwriting services to their clients & prospects. These services provide revenue streams to the agency and restructure the insured's loss experience. 

Our program provides your agency with a value added service with the goal of maintaining your existing clients and to create clients out of prospects long after the proposal process has ended.