Our Mission

National Risk Services © has established and is committed to the accessibility of tools and organizational information to enable their representatives to exercise risk management and the financial benefits to be derived by all involved participants. The data gathering, fact-finding and informational management of each insured produces the most cost-effective and efficient mode of handling risk and inevitable loss costs; the reason why any individual or entity would pay premiums, fees or depository accounts.  

Insureds and their representative agents, brokers and risk managers attempt to come to terms with expensive contractual policy and program arrangements. The costs associated with these required costs, terms and conditions may be and are often monitored with adequate efficiency to protect the subject entity at a fair cost. There are however, entities that do not have adequate protection and pay inappropriate sums of money for that inadequate protection, thereby exposing the entity while encumbering it with diminished net profits.  

By incorporating practical technology with advanced Workers’ Compensation underwriting technique, National Risk Services is devoted to the creation of the lowest cost, highest value production of the Virtual Risk Manager, State of the Art. Providing this service accessible to insureds and their brokers and agents and consultants, will effect workers’ compensation cost drivers and lower the WC premium expense; past, present and future.