"...NRS quietly returned half of our annual premium from three policy years. This is a substantial sum for any business...".

Dominic Vivona, Jr., controller, Amusements of America, Inc.

"...Our agency and my clients have consistently benefited with an improved loss experience and rating plans in the current hard Workers Comp. market."

Barry Winograd, VP, Capacity Coverage

"...Thank you for a job well done. . .” Kirk Harpel, controller, D.C. Express  “… Honestly, (this account) means a great deal to me. Our organization was built by assembling a team from the best of the best. It just happens that we know our limitations and this was one of them. Thanks again for your diligence and hard work….” 

Bruce Wilson, VP Tribus/First Union Insurance   

“…..Please find enclosed our check …….We are extremely pleased with the work you have done for us to date. We are standing by to help in any way. …. “

Jack Leal, Manager, Rouse Motor Express 

“…  This outfit is my claims reserve, claims management, and policy checker all rolled into one. And best of all, my Safety Group benefits at no cost to me or my Members…” 

Ed Beaumont, Safety Group Manager/Administrator Associated Transporters of New York, Inc. 

“ … The claims management service, done on a contingency, no cost basis, is an efficient sales tool for the Agency as well as an effective Workers’ Compensation cost control. The contingency review isolated and identified the claims and the associated costs. Now we have the appropriate reserves …..”

Scott Liebert, CLG Financial Corp.  

“… The greatest thing since sliced bread… but seriously, the scope and delivery of the services based on a contingency fee is unique to the insurance industry.  You guys have to get results….”

Devin Blazier, Wachovia Insurance Services