National Risk Services Inc./Comp Audit USA

Workers Compensation Premium Recovery Program

  • Is a New Value-Added Service for Brokers across The United States.
  • NRS/Comp Audit USA has had returned over $54 Million Dollars in Workers Compensation premium overcharges over the last 24years.
  • NRS/Comp Audit USA has and shall continue to pay brokers who refer us to their clients and prospects both first year and renewal commission. 

Recent Results 

PEO/Leasing Co. premium paid $16,000,000. - Reduced Modification from .94 to .73 producing a premium refund of Over $2.8 Million Dollars due to Combining of Entities The submitting broker received their share of our fee! 

PEO/Leasing Co. premium paid $8,000,000. - refund in excess of $800,000.-credits not applied for-just beginning the claims review portion The submitting broker received their share of our fee! 

Transportation Co. premium paid $600,000-refund of $180,000.Mod revised from 1.23-1.02 the submitting broker received their share of our fee! 

Construction Co. premium paid $650,000. - refund of $180,000. - due to payroll omissions at the Comp. Board and claims reserves revisions The submitting brokers commission was over $15,000. 

Non-Profit Organization premium paid $450,000. - Refund of $93,000.-claims were revised The submitting Brokers commission was over $8,000. 

Multi-State Food Chain premium paid $900,000-refund of $280,000.Mod revised from 1.56-1.27 due to the combining of multi-state mods and claims reserve revisions. The broker was paid and received a broker of record from the insured. 

N.Y. Hospital paid premium $450,000.-refund of $135,000.-Mod lowered from 1.38-.85 in 2 years time due to claims reserve revisions 

NRS/Comp Audit USA has individual sales organizations who have received over $50,000. in commissions each year! 

Prospects or clients, it does not make a difference as long as they are paying premiums over $100,000. In workers compensation premium we should be working on it. With a hit ratio of over 90% can you afford not to think of us before your competition does? 

As an end result of our program your client/prospect now has a much better underwriting profile to enter their renewal process.